Attention, prisoners of Whitespire Labour Camp…

If you should find yourself imprisoned within the confines of our penal facility, rest assured that this is by merit of your own poor decisions and judgment. Until this day, your life has had no measurable value to civilized society, but here at Whitespire, our elite team of corrections officers will discover what little worth you have to offer in the service of your beloved Galactic Empire.

As a prisoner of Whitespire Labour Camp and Corrections Facility, your days will be spent supporting the Imperial cause by gathering, processing, and packaging various grains used to keep our Imperial navy well-nourished and in fit fighting form. Overseeing this cause is our beloved warden, the illustrious Director Tallik, the stalwart beacon keeping vigil over us all who toils relentlessly to make the most of the miserable denizens of Whitespire Prison – yourself included.

Whitespire Prison

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